Why you should do yoga during pregnancy

Julie Dodd from North Kent Yoga shares her thoughts on why doing yoga during pregnancy is so beneficial.

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There are many reasons why attending a prenatal Yoga class during your pregnancy could be beneficial. Here a just a few examples:

‘Me’ Time

Getting some regular ‘me’ time is important for everyone’s well-being. At a prenatal yoga class you can relax, have fun and make friends with other pregnant ladies, often gaining a support network to help you during your pregnancy, through the early years of motherhood or even making lifelong friends

Comfortable, Calm Pregnancy

Yoga can help you remain comfortable and calm throughout your pregnancy. When practiced regularly, Yoga can help to strengthen and stabilise your body as it changes while your baby grows, safely tucked up inside your womb. Yoga can help to prevent or ease the discomforts of pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain, back pain, insomnia and anxiety.

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Prepare for Birth

Yoga can also help you to prepare you for the birth of your baby by learning breathing techniques and labour poses to aid the birth. Familiarise yourself with the different birthing positions and calming breathing techniques available to you, all in the comfortable environment of a Yoga class. This can empower you to feel confident to use them when the time comes, making labour and birth a more comfortable experience.

Feel Connected and Supported

Your Yoga teacher will know lots of local pregnancy and birth well-being specialists such as doulas, hypnobirthing and independent midwifes. She may even invite them along to the class occasionally. Learning about what is available for your pregnancy and birth can help you make an informed choice about your birth plan. This can help you to feel calm and confident about the birth.

So, what are you waiting for? Google your nearest pregnancy yoga class now!

Julie teaches prenatal and Scarravelli Yoga in Swale, Maidstone and Medway. www.northkentyoga.com

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